Become a Kul Intern

We are looking for interns to join us in beautiful Bali to learn new skills, share your passions and have a unique experience whilst becoming part of The Kul Kul Farm. Here’s a little about us:

Things we value

Agriculture as the foundation of civilization
Living in Community
Unity in diversity
Acting in Integrity
Providing meaningful services
Improving the life of all stakeholders

What we provide

A thriving market garden and nursery

Adult courses focused on regenerative agriculture and sustainable leadership

Regular workshops

Garden implementation services

Farm Open Days and community lunches

Bali intern fun

The intern profile

You are creative, hands-on, either Indonesian or foreign. You are a university student, recent graduate or someone who works hard (likes to have fun) and able to deliver results that will contribute to our vision as well as your own learning and growth. You are:


Able to adapt to new and dynamic situations


Thrive in multi-cultural settings (great at sign language, whilst picking up the local language)

You will be hands- in- the – earth, driven and integral members of the farm. Your ability to work in a chaotic, hot, sweaty, rainy, compost and love-filled environment is essential.

What’s in it for you?

Obtain professional experience in something you’re passionate about
. Meet and network with educational and environmental leaders on a frequent basis
. Participate in community lunches, yoga, and open days on the farm. Become part of an inspiring community of change- makers. Learn how to grow and cook healthy food. Learn how to cook Balinese dishes with our awesome farm cook- Putu, learn more about gardening and bamboo building. Participate in our language exchange initiative and learn some Bahasa. Work in the Green School gardens and complete a project that will be of value to you, your career and The Kul Kul Farm.

Bali Green School intern

How it works

Send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Tell us about your passion & skills and send us some of your previous work.

Propose a project you would like to implement during your time here and if it’s in line with our values and goals we’ll provide you with the support and resources to make it happen (all prospective interns must have a project in mind that they are confident they can implement, with our help of course).

Examples of past intern projects include: designing and building rocket stoves for our community kitchen (and turning this into a workshop), designing our bamboo activity space, sourcing milking goats and designing the perfect goat shed for us to be able to produce our own milk! Other ideas: turning harvest into a value added farm product, building something useful, making a video.

We accept interns for a minimum of 6 months, in our experience it’s enough time to get used to the way we do things and to be able to create something that you’ll be proud of. If you’re a foreigner intern working permits (kitas) cost US$600 for the duration of that period. Shorter volunteer opportunities are reserved for people with very specific skills and projects in mind that they are able to implement successfully within this time frame. If you’d like to come for a short visit and do some gardening, we offer short stays on the farm, get in touch… we’ll make it happen!

Bali intern bamboo

Get in touch if you have skills in these areas

Organic farming and gardening
Architecture and design
Carpentry and working with bamboo builders
Business administration
Marketing & sales
Photography and videography
Social media and blogging

Sleeping and eating

We have a beautiful bamboo bunkhouse that we rent for US$200 per month for a single room and $100 per month for a shared room. The bunkhouse has WIFI, plenty of hangout space, hammocks and beanbags, a community kitchen and dining area where you can cook, a working/yoga space, composting toilets and showers. Honestly, this is more than you’ll get anywhere else on the island. The space is pretty magical. Oh yeah… we should probably mention, we have 1 buffalo, 1 goat (soon we’ll have more), 5 chickens, 18 ducks and a puppy.

Bali farm yoga

How to get around?

Public transport is not easy to find in Bali, you will need to rent a motorbike/ scooter whilst you’re here. We are located around 30 mins south of Ubud (great for yoga, and good, healthy food) and 30 mins north of Canguu, Kuta and Seminyak (great for surf and sea).

When to come?

Between August 2016 – March 2015

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