Green School

Made entirely of bamboo Green School educates over 400 kids and has attracted the likes of UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon, Dr. Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva.

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Green School was founded by John and Cynthia Hardy with the goal of pioneering sustainability within education. Its curriculum combines the academic rigour expected of schools and institutions of higher learning with hands-on experiential learning within a Green Studies curriculum and a Creative Arts curriculum. This means that by holding onto the essential core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, Green School students will have doors open to them for whichever kinds of further learning and careers that they choose.

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International in its teaching and learning, its students also come from different corners of the world to join a core Balinese community of scholars – representing up to 20% of enrolment. They bring with them their learning to date to share with their friends and to contribute to a global awareness and perspective of social issues from their countries of origin.
It is preparing students to be critical and creative thinkers who are confident to champion the sustainability of the world and its environment. It is inspiring their thirst to know more, equipping them with appropriate and relevant knowledge, and nurturing their passion to influence change in the way we are managing this planet.
Have a look at John Hardy’s TED Talk about the school.

Orin (who’s Orin?) periodically works with Green School and GreenCamp to help improve the gardens on campus. Him and his team implemented permaculture techniques, built a compost station, a plant nursery and set up a rotation system for cows, pigs and chickens on campus. This past year, together with Peter Barge, Orin built an awesome aquaponics system on the campus. It is made out of bamboo and recycled windshields.

The school runs tours everyday from Monday to Sunday at 2:45pm, including a super special tour with John Hardy, every Wednesday. If you are in Bali, this is a place not to miss! Book a tour here or Dream of going back to school here