Eat Dirt: Growing Healthy Soil

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to grow food organically while building soil fertility, reducing labour and improving production.

We will be explaining the benefits and management essentials for Biological Farming and gardening with Trust Nature’s Bio-Vital™ System that has been developed by Paul Taylor over 30 years of experience. The Bio-Vital System combines natural principles and heritage agriculture, with the complex sciences of soil microbiology and plant nutrition to deliver a system of bio-organic food production in an easy to understand, and use format.

We look forward to opening a community conversation describing how to use farming, gardening and soil management as the path forward to repairing degraded land and providing realistic solutions to climate change.

What you will learn

You will learn how to grow nutrient-rich food and leave with the tools to be productive in your backyard, in a greenhouse, on the farm, or in the city. This course will give you a firm foundation for food security and food sovereignty with the ability to grow food almost anywhere.