Gardening in the Rain: A memorable launch party

When we set out to plan our Kul Kul Farm Launch Party we were thinking picnic garden style; sun, warmth, tikar, hammocks and beanbags. Mother nature had another thing planned! It poured consistently and out of the 65 people that RSVPd 32 braved the rains and with drenched clothes, muddy feet, garden tools in one hand and seeds in another we planted sweet potatoes, ginger, turmeric, taro, papaya and guava trees!

Despite the weather we got to do all our favourite things- talk to people about growing food, plant a garden, fill our bellies with delicious food and laughs as we looked around at this soaking wet garden party. We invited our local ‘Kaki Lima’ Ayam Sate and Jagung (grilled corn) sellers to feed our guests some local produce. We had folk musician Rizal from Rizal and Rasendriya come to play his handmade bamboo guitar and cello whilst we gardened. There was a moment before the rain, just as we were starting, Orin said: “Ok everyone, grab your seeds lets grow some food!” Guests took their seedlings to the pre- prepped garden beds with the soulful sound of the cello and the rumbling of thunder in the background. It was a perfect, movie moment. I swear I shed a tear…and in that instant the heavens opened and we were drenched! It was fun!

We are so grateful for those who made it. It was a memorable day and we will make sure to plan another garden party in dryer weather. Below are some photos from the launch. Thanks to Green School mama Pauline and teacher Zach for grabbing a camera and finding a way to stay dry to record some of this special day for us. For those who couldn’t attend and would like to visit the farm join our Open Farm Days every Thursday morning between 8am – 11am.

Launch photos Pauline 4

Permaculture bali gardening Kul Kul Farm


     Permaculture Bali Gardening



 Launch photos Pauline 13


  Launch Photos Pauline 11

Launch photos Pauline 9


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