Join us for a free organic gardening workshop at the farm in Bali on Thursday morning from 9am – lunch. Learn how we implement sustainable farming methods to run a living, learning farm. Farm activities will change weekly depending on the season.

Activities may include:

Feeding the ducks, goat and water buffalo

Watering and spraying organic fertiliser (the smelly but good stuff)

Making a fresh batch or turning an old batch of compost

Making seedlings and planting

De-weeding, clearing and pruning

Harvesting produce, weighing it, storing it and dehydrating it

What to bring:

Comfortable shoes, preferrably rubber boots (you can buy some at most garden stores), a rain coat, water bottle to re-fill, hat to protect you from the sun, garden gloves and sunblock.

Where we’re at:

A 2 minute walk from the main Green School, west entrance. Follow the map on our contact page and ensure if you’re coming by car you take Jalan Gerih and NOT Jalan Mambal (you can take Jalan Mambal if you’re on a motorbike).

Please RSVP to let us know you’re coming.




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