Herbal Medicine & Spagyrics, Part 1: Essential Oil Distillation

Date 24 Jan 2020 08:30 AM - 26 Jan 2020 04:00 PM Location The Kul Kul Farm

Join us for an entire course into the fascinating world of Spagyrics, ancient alchemy and herbalism. Experience first hand the power of plants with Master alchemist Carlos Gallo, known to many, as Maestre Indio, from Escola de Espagiria in Brazil. He will be guide us through the ancient practice of herbal medicine making, using the principles and philosophies of Spagyrics.

What is Spagyrics?
“As above so below, and as below so above to fulfill the miracle of oneness.” Hermes Trismegistus on his Emerald Tablet

Paracelsus (1493-1591) was an alchemist and father of Spagyrics. He believed that nature is a form of alchemy and that “heaven is man and man is heaven…we must, therefore, understand that “when we administer medicine, we administer the whole world.”

To him, this meant that the whole universe was in perfect balance, and could be demonstrated by opposite and complementary principles: day and night, birth and death, the rising and setting of the sun. The sun was a primary symbol of this balance manifesting in our solar system, from it everything and every form of life derived its own motion and vital energy. The seven planets could be considered the organs of our solar system and correspond to the seven principal energies at work in the universe as well as the seven points of consciousness that correspond to our own body.

Paracelsus further believed that nature was raw and unfinished and Man had the God-given task to evolve the elements of each plant into a medicine.

Spagyrics (which means extraction of divine gifts) is a technique considered to be a sister of Alchemy, with which one can extract the essence of materials from a plan t-based on the three kingdoms of nature; fire, water, and earth and then recombine them to create a single ‘essence’ which will contain superior medicinal properties. These three kingdoms of nature are based upon the three cardinal Principles of Alchemy include: Sulfur associated with Fire and the Soul of the plant, Mercury associated with the element of water and the Spirit of the plant, and Salt associated with the Earth element, the body of the plant.

There will be 3 Parts to this workshop series where we will be:

PART 1: Extracting the Soul of the plant via the Distillation of Essential Oils
PART 2: Extracting the Spirit via Fermentation and Alcohol Distillation- here you will learn the origin of the word ‘Spirits’ for alcohol.
PART 3: Extracting the Body of the plant via the mineral components from the ash of the plant through a process called calcination.

The final part in the process of Spagrycis, to make the ultimate medicine, is to recombine these purified individual parts into one superior whole.

Learn more about Part 2 and Part 3 of this workshop series here.


During this workshop we will be focusing on the process of distillation to make pure essential oils.

The complete process of essential oil extraction, starting from the collection of plant, preparation of harvested material
How to use and assemble distillation equipment for making essential oils
Exploration of different ways to work with and study plants’ medicinal benefits for practical home remedies and home care.
Production of essential oils and aromatic waters and oils all following methods of Spagyrics.

The philosophy and underpinnings of Spagyrics
The power of plants and ancient alchemy
The understanding of the principle “as above so below” and the link between astrology, our planets and plant medicines.
Making oil infusions and honey-based infusions
Making aromatic waters
The Three Principles (Sulfur/Fire/Soul, Mercury/Water/Spirit, Salt/Earth/Body)
The concept of separation, purification, and union of the three Principles
The Four Elements and the Four Qualities (Hot, Wet, Cold, Dry)
The Seven Planetary Archetypes and the macro-microcosm system
What is a Spagyric Quintessence and how to use them for daily health and wellness
Difference between allopathic, homeopathic and spagyrical medicine.


“Indio embodies all that is beautiful on this planet. I still marvel about the time I spent in his company; with his inherent wisdom and ability to bring forth the magic and natural elements for our healing. Spagyrics is a fascinating, mystical, yet entirely practical branch of alchemy and I would welcome any opportunity to learn more about them.” Anna, Australia

This course is much more than a practical home remedies course. Indio is a wealth of knowledge about working with plants and plant medicine. His work is somewhat of a revival of age-old traditions in alchemical medicine that is being sadly lost. The teachings contained within this course promote the expansion of our awareness and relationship with plants and the natural world. There is mystery, intuition and clinical research that makes for a well-rounded and profound course.

(Please note: this is not a simple Home Remedies workshop, and the skills contained within these workshops take years of dedication, study and practice to master. What this workshop will give you is an appreciation of ancient alchemy and plant medicine, it will open you up to new concepts and ideas and hopefully pave the way for a more conscious way or living and caring for yourself and your loved ones.)

We are located in the little village of Sibang Kaja in Bali, just a two minute skip away from the renowned Green School. Our farm is filled with food gardens, rainforest trees and animals (pigs, chickens, ducks, Jaga (our dog) and Malam (our cat)). Your ticket does not include accommodation on the farm. However, you can choose an accommodation option for an extra US $100 (including breakfast and dinner). Please email [email protected] to book your accommodation! We have 8 bamboo yurts amidst our sugar palm grove. The yurts are shared and include fans, mattresses, fresh linens, lockers, composting toilets, and warm showers. Meals will be prepared fresh for you each day. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available at every meal.

Farm to table lunches, herbal teas, coffee, cold infusions, and snacks
All workshops and lectures
All materials needed

Airfare and transportation
Accommodation, breakfast, and dinner
Essential oils made during the course

We are welcoming a maximum of 20 participants for this course. Please place your booking as soon as possible to ensure a spot. We understand that sometimes things happen. If you need to cancel your ticket we will give you a refund, less a US $50 admin fee 2 weeks prior to the start date of the course. Within two weeks of the course, no refund will be available, we will instead give you a credit note, less an admin fee of US $100,  that you can use to participate in a future course.

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