Bio-Intensive Growing with Jodi Roebuck

Biointensive is a method of growing as much organic food as possible in the smallest amount of space. The method draws upon a variety of intensive agricultural methods practiced thousands of years. The method was designed to provide food security for those who practice it, while continually building and developing the soil and conserving natural resources. The result is producing safe food year after year in the same small space.
Practiced in over 130 countries across the world, this method has proven that a complete diet can be produced by people in any climate where food can be grown, with very limited resources.
“Jodi Roebuck is one of the most focused, motivated food & seed growers I have worked with in 44 years of GROW BIOINTENSIVE sustainable mini-farming work” – Biointensive originator John Jeavons
Whether you are a beginning gardener wanting a kick-start in serious cutting-edge organic food production methods or you are an experienced gardener wanting to incorporate the biointensive approach into your existing gardening practice, this workshop will not disappoint. While presented in language a beginner can understand, Jodi will be delivering content on a level and calibre meaning that even seasoned experts will find this a refreshing professional development opportunity.

Your Teacher- Jodi Roebuck

Bio-intensive grower, farmer of heritage seed and educator. Jodi lives and grows in New Zealand, on a thriving small farm with his partner Tanya and two daughters. He was mentored and comes highly recommended by biointensive gardening originator John Jeavons. Jodi will be bringing his expertise to the farm for the weekend of the 16th &17th July where he will teach how to take growing food to the next level, using less space whilst gaining higher yields.


This workshop can be booked as a stand alone weekend workshop (spaces are limited) otherwise if you are planning on joining our July Permaculture Design Course, you’re in luck! This workshop is happening on the second weekend of the course! For more info contact [email protected]


We get that sometimes things happen and you may not be able to attend the course you paid for. Unless otherwise stated, only if you you let us know at least 30 days before the start of the course will we give you a credit note less an admin fee of USD$50 to be used by you for a future course or workshop at the farm. If you cancel your booking within the 30 days prior you are not entitled to a refund.