AA Visiting School Bali: Bamboo U Design Challenge

Bamboo U students have been getting acquainted with bamboo craftsmanship, constructing models, carving fish mouths, whole joints and making bamboo pins. This week students were given a chance to design the farm’s new coconut sugar making space. The group was split into teams, given a detailed brief and asked to complete a to-scale conceptual model and floor plan to present to a panel of experts. In the days to follow students will be taught essential construction skills, while participating in the construction of the selected building design.

The Panel

Elora Hardy Ibuku Creative Director
Ewe Jin Low, Ibuku Head Architect
Orin Hardy, The Kul Kul Farm Co- Founder
Scott Godfredson, Ibuku Consultant and Kul Kul Farm resident teacher
Chiko Wirahadi, Bamboo Contractor
Maria Farrugia, The Kul Kul Farm Co- Founder

Student Proposals

Bamboo U Model making 1 Model Making Bali Bamboo u 2

The Winning Models

Final models were judged based on creativity and design, following the brief and structural integrity. After experiencing the incredible buildings at Green Village and Green School, it was inevitable that creativity would score sky high, some at a slight expense of the structure’s build-ability. To be fair, we did only give students 4 hours to complete this challenge!

Bamboo Models 1

The Final Structural Model

In the following day and a half we combined the two winning models; the floor plan of the first and the leaf shape of the second, to create a structurally sound building that was beautiful, within budget and one we could realistically build with 37 people.

Bamboo Models 2

Stay Tuned for the actual building!