Design Your Own Project: A Permaculture Design Intensive

Learn the fundamentals of Permaculture Design and apply it to your own land. This 4-day ‘design your own project’ course takes place over 2 weekends and is created specifically for people who would like to design their own project using permaculture principles and ethics. It will help you avoid pitfalls and common mistakes in developing a new piece of land, especially when designing here in Bali.

The course will start with conceptualising your ideas and being able to clearly communicate your vision for your space with other stake holders and family. This will give you the design know-how and concepts to turn this vision into tangible elements that can be placed, tested and costed to your project. Each student will have professional and experienced instructors provide advice, guidance and direction.


You will Learn:

The Permaculture Design process

How to source and create useful base maps of your property

How to create a conceptual design for your property

How to cost your project

What elements to include and what to plant to ensure you’re building a resilient, economical and sustainable system.

You will leave the course with a Base Map, a Site Analysis Plan, a Concept Plan, Costing Spreadsheet and a Species List.


First Weekend

Communicating your design ideas

Vision (short and long term vision)

Creating base maps

Site Analysis

Elements in design

Placement of Elements and relationship to each other

Second Weekend

Feedback from qualified and experienced designers

Design presentations and feedback

Costing your project

Appropriate species lists

List of suppliers for plants and materials

Detailing elements

Things you should know

Students will be required to take work home during the week and complete various site specific tasks for the following weekend. This will be crucial for you to get the best design outcome.

Ideally you will have your site already surveyed or can provide a scaled property boundary map.

Computers optional. (Don’t worry if you are not computer literate, we can teach you how to design by hand!)


24 hours total. (4 days)
We will start everyday at 8:00am and end by 4:00pm

About Your Instructors

Scott Godfredson
Landscape Architect

Orin Hardy
Founder of Kul Kul Farm and Director of Ibuku Gardens

Ibuku Gardens Team

Site Visit

If you would like additional design services our experienced instructors can visit your site and help with site analysis and initial ideas. (Site visits p/h including travel, will be given on request).


IDR 8,000,000 (approx. US$560) for the full course including a farm lunch. If you are working on this project with a partner we are offering a special “Project Partner” price of IDR 1,500,000 (approx. US$100). Price includes lunch.


Call Maria on +62 822 375 62223 or email [email protected]