The Gathering: a 3 day retreat in Bali

Date 29 Aug 2019 05:00 PM - 01 Sep 2019 05:00 PM Location The Kul Kul Farm Book Now

Join Amber and Maria for this playful 3 day retreat in Bali and explore new territory in the fields of

Permaculture | Creativity | Mindfulness | Movement | Sound

We believe that spending time immersed in nature leads us to new and exciting places on our path, finding little lost pieces of ourselves on the way like a mystical treasure hunt.

During this 3 day retreat you will be learning the ways of nature and gaining skills that you can apply to every day life, to live a little better. This will be complemented by taking a deep glance at our own inner creative processes. Through creativity workshops (dabbling in many art forms) we will get the chance to experience that sacred state of flow that all creators inevitably create through.

Picture this: yurt living, soil in hands, farm grown smoothie bowl, morning song, meaningful chats around a campfire, some dance and lots of laughter. The way we used to live. Open air, a little more wild, a little more free.

Permaculture & Gardening 
Creativity (Music, Writing, Movement)
Making Plant Based Remedies
Farm & Bamboo Living
Yoga Asana, Meditation & Pranayama
Live Music & Soundscapes
Sacred Ceremony & Ritual

The Gathering will begin with a Balinese blessing called ‘Prasista’ to welcome you onto this fertile land. The blessing will serve to cleanse the space around us & depart with energies that no longer serve us and to welcome in new energies for our 3 days together.
On the second day we will enjoy a sunset walk through a Balinese village, a food forest, hop over a little bridge, past a water canal into the majestic Bali rice fields. You will learn how the Balinese rice system operates and how it is intrinsically connected into traditional agriculture and spirituality.

Skills on how to grow your own organic vegetable garden
Earth friendly living tips to incorporate into your daily life
Unblocking Creativity, an ability to traverse the creative landscape with all its ups and downs,
A new appreciation in creating sacred space & incorporating ritual into your every day life
A take home handbook with tips, recipes and inspiration to living a creative & connected life,
Natural herbal kit that we will make together during the retreat
A journal for daily writings & reflections made from natural, compostable paper.
A handmade Vaijayanti mala bead necklace, made with beads grown on The Kul Kul Farm.

We are located in the little village of Sibang Kaja in Bali, just a 2 minute skip away from the renowned Green School. Our farm is filled with food gardens, rainforest trees and animals (pigs, chickens, ducks, Jaga (our dog) and Malam (our cat). This 3 day retreat includes 3 nights bamboo accommodation on the farm. We have 8 bamboo yurts amidst our sugar palm grove. The yurts are shared and include solar powered fans, beds with fresh linens, organic cotton nets and solar lights. In our little yurt village, overlooking our vegetable gardens we have lockers, warm showers and composting toilers. Organic meals will be prepared fresh for you each day. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available at every meal. Please be prepared for a rustic and nature-filled stay on a farm.

Amber & I (Maria) welcome you to join in this gathering for creative expression, spiritual connection and nature living.

A little about us..

Together with my husband Orin, I created The Kul Kul Farm in Bali 5 years ago. Creating spaces and experiences that bring people together in nature to grow, create and make lasting connections is what brings me most joy! I spend many of my days teaching permaculture and making herbal remedies and essential oils. Out of the garden, I am sharing our story on The Kul Kul Farm Instagram, with the hopes of inspiring people far & wide to get their hands in the earth and grow something yummy. I love helping others share their online voice in an authentic way, if interested in this, lets chat when you’re here! I’ve hosted and facilitated several permaculture courses, gardening and home apothecary workshops on our farm and home in Bali. I can’t wait to welcome you on our little piece of paradise.

Over the last few years Amber Riya has sung in ashrams, festivals, retreats and yoga studios all over the world. Her alchemical sound brings a deepening and softening quality to spiritual practice. Using her voice and a fusion of acoustic instruments and electronic soundscapes she weaves together an experience that gives whoever is listening a taste of the heaven that lies within themselves. She is passionate about the healing power of music and creativity and will be bringing a playful note to this retreat using sound and music in ceremony, yoga/meditation and creativity workshops. Listen to Amber’s music on Spotify and visit to learn more about her journey.