A 2 weekend intensive that will go beyond teaching skills for growing food to speaking about the philosophy of ‘sustainability’: what is healthy and why? During this course we will teach growing food as a form of healing for ourselves and healing of the planet.

Food is the essence of being, ‘we are what we eat’ and what we eat will reflect in every area of our life. Food is not just for sustenance but for making a statement, a choice about the kind of planet we want our children to live in.

During these 4 days we will teach you how to grow healing food (and a lot of it) with less effort and inputs by increasing the nutrients and minerals in your soil. It will include lectures that demystify the science of soil fertility, as well as workshops that teach you how to make good, ‘no-stink’ compost, brew your own liquid fertilizer, and prepare probiotic compost-tea. It will teach you how to take an integrated approach to growing food and help you grow fruits and vegetables that are abundant and more nutritious.

“Sustainable agriculture is our ability to build soil fertility as we improve production and reduce cost and labour.”


    • How to grow food with less effort and less cost
    • How to repair degraded soils
    • How to create ‘smells good compost’
    • Understand the interrelationship of soil life and plant nutrients
    • How to make your own organic fertilizers
    • Essential knowledge for living more healthily

Together we will be creating a shift in how we see the world and how we see and interact with Nature.


This course is for anyone that is interested in growing food almost anywhere, from a city or a backyard garden, to a large scale farm or a hotel. It is suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in growing nutrient dense food
  • Home gardeners or want-to-be home gardeners
  • Landscape professionals and consultants
  • Hotel managers and owners looking to create hotel veggie gardens
  • Restaurant managers, chefs, cooks & bakers wanting better quality veggies
  • Those involved in community gardens
  • Organic food producers looking to lower inputs
  • Raw food lovers, vegetarians, vegans, & food bloggers.


You can choose between our campsite and our bamboo bunkhouse. If you require private and comfortable accommodation please email us: [email protected] and we will do our best in assisting you to find nearby accommodation. People who live here in Bali may choose to commute from their residence.



Paul Taylor has owned and operated more than a dozen organic properties and is a 3rd generation organic food farmer and horticulturist. He is the managing director of Trust Nature Pty Ltd and the Co-founder of Hidden Garden Sustainable Farms. Paul is an energetic and engaging teacher with a gift to give you the practical skill and knowledge for growing organic food almost anywhere. His teaching and consulting has taken him from India to Outer Mongolia, from the USA to Australia, from greenhouses in Saudi Arabia to the wilderness of New Zealand. His courses are dynamic, fun, hands on and full of knowledge.


Your course ticket includes basic camping all meals, tours, materials and a range of take-home resources to help you integrate what you’ve learnt back home.

Email [email protected] to reserve your space.

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